Jon Zacharias

History of Success

Jonathan Zacharias Started His Professional Career Intending To Become An Attorney After Graduating Law School In 2011. However, During Law School, He Found His Real Calling - Digital Marketing With A Focus On Lead Generation. Zacharias Showcased His Talent By Taking A Wage And Hour Class Action Firm In La Jolla, California From 30 To Over 300 Class Actions In His First Year. 

Zacharias is responsible for $350 million in revenue yielding from cloud-based assets. Since 2008, Zacharias has been considered one of the top search engine marketing experts in the country. Zacharias started the 31st largest growing website in the World for the months of September and August 2012. He also gained over 200,000 users for PayAnywhere, a mobile credit card processing app. Now Zacharias consults with small and medium sized businesses as well as corporations. Zacharias selects his projects very carefully, as "he only wants to work with certain people and companies" that fall within his target markets.